Friday, January 28, 2011

New Store, New Site!

Exciting times. I have a new website now, in case you arrived at this blog from a different tunnel. It's I'm happy hear any feedback!

Cargoh Store

My stuff is now for sale on, Etsy's newest competition. It's an online ecommerce system for crafters and craft buyers. In their own words:

"WHAT IS CARGOH? A social marketplace for independent art + design + culture. An easy to use e-commerce solution for independent creatives to buy and sell the things they create."

This is a sexy website and no mistake.

My inventory here will be different from Etsy -- no duplicate items. Please stop by!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sushi Papercraft is featured on Canadian+Handmade today -- check it out!

This is a cool site
What a great idea. Canada, especially Edmonton, has an amazing handmade scene. Sites like this are essential to keeping it vibrant and healthy. One of my favourite things about Edmonton is the craft community, and it warms my heart that Canadian+Handmade author Sarah is based in Alberta.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Books, New Site!

Today I buckled down and made a pile of fresh, new books for the ol' inventory! And this time, I experimented with props for photos; apparently good for business, says Etsy. The results are a lot warmer and more welcoming than my attempts with the lightbox. That said, I did a really terrible job building my lightbox. See what you think!

New Website Coming Soon
Hopefully by the end of January, I'll have a new website! I plan to keep the blog, but will go to a legit site with pages and everything.