Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sushi's First Swag

Tiny books are fun, and hopefully dancer-friendly too. On the weekend of Oct 16-18, I'll be putting some pocket-sized notebooks out into the world of swing dancing -- more specifically, the Lindy Harvest weekend workshop hosted by the ubiquitous Sugar Swing Dance Club. These books are will be for sale at the dance venues on Friday and Saturday night, and are intended to be fun and useful mementoes for the dancers attending. Useful because hardcore lindy-hoppers often take notes during a class, like any good student. Happily, these books are small enough to jam into your back pocket when it's time to get swingin' again.


Almost all components of these books are recycled bits, from the thick cover stock to the patterned paper. In fact, the decorative paper comes from the offcuts of my larger books, and so does the text paper. The insides of the books have vinyl Sugar Swing stickers with contact info. All books are about 4" x 4", so not they're hard to write in but still nice and compact.

If you crave a tiny notebook but don't want to pose as a swinger for a weekend, you can look for similar ones, sans Sugar Swing propaganda, in my Etsy store or at upcoming craft shows.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back from NOLA

I'm back from New Orleans; what a fun town.

And now it's time to show you new books! Starting today, I'll be adding items to my Etsy shop over the course of the month. These will also be available ay my upcoming craft shows. Check back often to see the latest fall/winter stuff!